Burning Rubber Racing League
Burning Rubber Racing League
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 -- 8:59:31 AM

Countdown to the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Season
Starting with the Daytona 500!


Welcome to the 17th Annual Burning Rubber Racing League season!!!

I hope you are all ready to get the 2017 season rolling.  If you haven't already, make sure to get your pool selections in by Sunday, February 22nd, by 1:00pm.  If you are new to the league, click here to being your registration or click the REGISTRATION link at the top of the page and create a new account.  You won't regret it!

All five pools are returning this year: Random, Pick, Pick 6, Fantasy and the Bracket pool.  Check out the rules page for all the details on how each of the pools work and the rules behind the league.

Remember to check the League Fees and Payouts page to see the specifics on using PayPal.  The fees for each of the pools, per entry, are:
  1. Random Pool:  Three 12-race Segments / $30 per Segment / $90 per Year
  2. Pick Pool:  One 36-race Segment / $80 per Year
  3. Pick 6 Pool:  Four 9-race Segments / $20 per Segment / $80 per Year
  4. Fantasy Pool:  Two 18-race Segments / $20 per Segment / $40 per Year
  5. Bracket Pool:  Four 9-race Segments / $20 per Segment / $80 per Year
NOTE:  For more information on forms of payment, please review the bottom of the League Fees and Payouts page.

2017 NASCAR News

2017-01-11 - Carl Edwards announces his immediate 'departure' from NASCAR racing. He did make it quite clear this is not retirement but you have to wonder if safety and future health were not the major deciding factors of him stepping down. Daniel Suarez, the Nationwide Champ from 2016 will move into the #19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota and run for Rookie of the Year honors. See Carl's press conference here.

2017-01-10 - Rumors are swirling that Monster and NASCAR are talking about changing up race formats, like running heat races, and also possibly changing the points system (again?). This is courtesy of The Sports Business Daily. We shall see.

2017-01-07 - Team charters, which were put in place last year, give 36 teams automatic entries into all the race for the year. 31 of those teams have named drivers for the season. Two of those teams have named part-time drivers for Daytona and maybe a few other races. This should hopefully all be ironed out before the beginning of the season.

2017 NASCAR Rule Changes

2017-01-14 - Because, you know, NASCAR loves to keep people guessing - or, at least, Chad Knaus and the #48 team - they are shortening the spoiler again. This will completely change the handling on the cars.  They're also shrinking the restrictor plate hole sizes 1/64 of the inch to 7/8". This should drop the horsepower a bit, slowing the cars down on the plate tracks.

I hope everyone enjoys the racing and the pool competition this year. 

Thanks and Good Luck!!!

League Owner / Operator

     Race Location
Daytona International Speedway
Daytona Beach, FL
Qualifying Date:  2/17/2017
Race Date:  2/18/2017
Race Time:  8:00:00 PM
Telecast On:  FS1
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